SuperApartament - Conditions




The Regulations define the conditions under which you make a reservation and use of the apartments belonging to the Proprietor Konrad Saładucha ul.. Konopnicka 2F 58-540 Karpacz



1. In order to confirm the reservation the client agrees to pay to the Proprietor's account Konrad Saładucha 30% of the deposit calculated from the total price for the stay.

2. At the time of payment of the deposit for the reservation agreement between the landlord and the customer shall be deemed concluded.

3. The Client is obliged to inform immediately about the fact canceled the apartment.



1. Number of people who live in the facility is limited to specified in the reservation.

2. The customer is obliged to inform Proprietor's phone or email of any change that number. If the number exceeds the number of persons specified on the reservation, the person responsible for the keys may refuse to give the keys to the facility.

3. T he customer is obliged to observe the rules of good neighborhood and maintain the facility in the same condition.

4. Customer agrees to maintain the curfew hours is valid from. 22:00 to hours. 6:00.

5. The Customer is also obliged to wash the dishes and kitchen utensils before departure, as such activities are not included in the final cleaning.

6. The customer is obliged to inform the person responsible for handing the keys about possible defects and faults found in the facility and to report damage caused by them during their stay. The damage and its removal paid by the customer. Owner of damaged property decides about the method of compensation.

7. The all suite non-smoking.

8. Accommodation Period begins at. 14:00 and ends at. 12:00. For hours. 12:00 client is obliged to leave the apartment.

9. The customer receives and returns the keys to the employee's "Hotelier" in Wroclaw. 



1.  The keys to the apartment and to provide accommodation.

2.  Equipment of the apartment according to the state register of equipment.

3.  In case of accident or force majeure circumstances provide a replacement or refund apartment deposit paid.